Big Brother 21 Swim Suit Pics

The Live Feeds have begun for Big Brother 2019! Sign Up now for CBS ALL ACCESS! The Big Brother 21 Housesguests are now in the house and are rockin’ their swim suits by the pool!

Big Brother 21 Swim Suit Pics
Big Brother 21 Pool Pic

Jack Matthews Swim Suit Pic
Jack Matthews

Holly Allen Swim Suit Pic
Holly Allen

Tommy Bracco - Swim Suit Pic
Tommy Bracco

Christie Murphy Swim Suit Pic
Christie Murphy

Nick Maccarone Swim Suit Pic
Nick Maccarone

Isabella Wang Swim Suit Pic
Isabella Wang

Jackson Michie Swim Suit Pic
Jackson Michie

Kemi Fakunle Swim Suit Pic
Kemi Fakunle

Ovi Kabir Swim Suit Pic
Ovi Kabir

Kathryn Dunn Swim Suit Pic
Kathryn Dunn

Cliff Hogg III
Cliff Hogg III

Jessica Milagros Swim Suit Pic
Jessica Milagros

Nicole Anthony Swim Suit Pic
Nicole Anthony

David Alexander Swim Suit Pic
David Alexander

Analyse Talavera Swim Suit Pic
Analyse Talavera

Sam Smith Swim Suit Pic
Sam Smith

Big Brother 21 Cast!

The Big Brother 21 Cast Members are now in the Big Brother House! Sign Up for the LIVE FEEDS and watch the Houseguest Interviews as they arrived in their new home for the summer. 

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How to Apply to Be a Contestant on Big Brother USA!

We post the latest dates and locations for Big Brother Opening Casting Calls on our Facebook page (and below) as they become available. These open calls for live auditions are simply another way for eligible applicants to be considered as a house guest for Big Brother 21 this summer!

But hey, you don’t have to attend an open casting call to get in the house and on the show! Applications and Video auditions can be submitted online! The application deadline is April 5th, 2019.

The big eliminators are: You must be 21 or older by June 1, 2019. And you must be a US Citizen and currently living in the United States. Check out the finer details below!

Eligibility Requirements for Big Brother USA 2019!

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Hi everyone, here are latest confirmed Open Casting Calls for #BB21. (We will update this post and not create new ones…

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